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Home » 2015 » March » 9 » Raven Security Patch 4 (
2:53 PM
Raven Security Patch 4 (

Raven Security has a new patch out and is ready to be downloaded! To get this latest patch, run Raven Security. If you do not get the update message refer to the "Updates" tab to check for a update! You can see all the updates in the list below.

Raven Security Update


Features Added
-Added a more visual apperance when downloading server data.
-Added Secure USB.

-Corrected some spelling errors.
-Adjusted values to help gather update info faster.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug that caused some files to not be scanned.
-Fixed a rare bug that caused Raven Security to freeze.
-Fixed a memory leak bug on "Rootkit" and "Speed" scans.
-Fixed config code to handle error messages with the JITDebugger on the client machine.


Patch 4 ( includes Secure USB and many fixes that make Raven Security run even smoother. We hope that you are enjoying Raven Security! If you want to help with the development process, be sure to visit our Feedback Forum to tell us what you think about Raven Security and what we can do to improve it for the better.

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