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Home » 2015 » March » 19 » Data Migration and New Updates
8:20 PM
Data Migration and New Updates

Today we have received an email about to much traffic to our links using Dropbox, we use Dropbox to deploy and manage server data for Red Apple, Raven Security and some other projects. We are now doing a transfer process to get all of our files that help run both Raven Security and Red Apple and we are getting all of those file to our host site here at dominionstudios.ucoz.net We were not able to do this before because of site restrictions, but now we can transfer our files to our site to take some bandwidth off from our links that deploy on dropbox. We want to let you know that some programs may not be available, like Red Apple and extensions, Raven Security and other data that is downloaded from servers! Please be patient while we move the files and change servers. We will also have updates coming out soon for the server transfer. Please stay tuned to our site for any updates on this issue, we will hopefully have some changes done by the end of the day!


So your wondering why we are doing this? Well with our programs we tell them to go to a link and download a file for a certain job, then it reads the data in that file allowing us to change in-program offers, news, and other data for updates on the fly dynamically.

So with this happening with hundreds of clients downloading upwards of 10 or more jobs this can stack up on our bandwidth limit on our links connected with Dropbox, so we are moving those files to our server.

We hope you understand and be patient while this transfer is happening, Again fixes for this issue will be addressed in updates for Raven Security and Red Apple.

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