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Red Apple (Full)
(225 MB) 2015-03-17, 11:55 PM

This package has Red Apple and all of our extensions and services developed for Red Apple packaged into one installer!


This Reviews is provided by Softpedia

Red Apple is a reliable Internet browser that enables you to visit your favorite websites, set bookmarks or view the history. The application allows you to quickly access some of the most popular social websites, news and sports pages. Moreover, you can use the quick search field in order to find the desired websites.

Quick commands ribbon

Red Apple features a modern looking interface, with a thin ribbon at the top, containing the menus, the address bar and the quick commands. However, the ribbons are thin, allows you to view more of the website’s content. You may easily open a new window or a new tab, save the web page or send it directly to the printer.

Moreover, you may browse the Web in normal mode, or you can enable the Private Browser mode, which implies not saving any address into the History. The quick search fields allow you to find the specified key words, without needing to access the searching engine first. You may choose between Bing, Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Ebay and DuckDuckGo. Once you select a searching engine, the software remembers it the next time you open it.

Favorites, codes and managing history

Red Apple offers several functions, such as bookmark pages, view the bookmarks collection, save browser history. Shortcuts are available for opening the favorites or history column, right next to the quick search field. Moreover, you can customize the home page or set the software to start with a blank display. Once you set the home page, you need to restart the browser in order to apply the change.

Additionally, the browser can detect the signal strength for your Internet connection, its speed, as well as your computer’s IP address. Moreover, the bar at the bottom of the window displays the URLs for each object linked to another page.

Reliable Internet browser

Red Apple is a Web browser that offers you a comfortable Internet navigating experience, with several functions. It is still in the development stage, which is why it might run slowly, but it shows much potential, since it is being improved. The browser features a smooth interface, accessible commands shortcuts and allows you to open several tabs. It could however benefit from featuring a downloads manager.


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