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Home » 2015 » April » 1 » Raven Security (Pre-Release) Patch
11:25 AM
Raven Security (Pre-Release) Patch

Raven Security has a new patch out and is ready to be downloaded! You can get this latest patch by running the updater.exe in the install folder for Raven Security. Next update will feature a better way to access the updater within Raven Security instead by doing update checks manually.


The following lists are updates within the latest patch


Features Added
-Added Credits page.
-Added New Update engine

-Adjusted code for better scan results

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug that made Raven Security stop responding
-Fixed a bug that caused Raven Security to load files but did not scan them


We hope you have enjoyed these changes and fixes to Raven Security! Please note that this is only a pre-release product and does not reflect to official release! You can help us out by leaving your thoughts and comments in our forum.

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