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Home » 2015 » April » 1 » Raven Security Patch 3 (
11:25 AM
Raven Security Patch 3 (

Raven Security has a new patch out and is live! You can get this patch by launching Raven Security. If you do not get a update message, try to check with the "Updates" tab. In this update, Raven Security now has some recommendation software in the "Extras" tab and some other minor fixes. You can see the changes below!




Features Added
-Added recommendations in the "Extras" tab.
-Removed "Silver Subscription Offer" on the "Offers" tab,  lookout for other offers.
-Added options to scan from tray icon.
-Added tray icon activity text.
-Added an "On, Off" switch for Real Time Detection.
-Added schedule tasks.

-Adjusted the response time between server and client.
-Adjusted code to recall all server data when using the "Refresh Server Data" button.
-Disabled some alerts on "Database Downloader" and "Extra Downloads" tab.
-Removed message dialog when database file is complete.
-Updated subscription sale adverts.
-Changed the tray icon.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug that did not allow all data from server to be downloaded.
-Fixed a bug that did not allow the "Refresh Server Data" button, download all server data.
-Fixed an issue that caused the "Database Downloader" to throw an error.
-Fixed a bug that caused "Database Downloader" to open twice on launch.



This concludes of the updates for Patch 3 ( We hope that Raven Security is working great for you! If you have an issue or want to help in the development process, please visit our feedback forum HERE.

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