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Home » 2015 » June » 7 » Introducing Dominion Studios Web Hosting!
6:14 AM
Introducing Dominion Studios Web Hosting!

Dominion Studios is now providing web hosting for everyone! Our service allows users to sign up and upload files to our servers to keep in the cloud! There is 4 different service plans that give you the options to get what service you need for your files.



Everyone likes free! Our free plan allows you to upload files to our servers, but are limited to only text and photo files!


This plan has the same options as the free service plan but lets you upload more types of files than just text and photo files.


This service plan is the most popular plan for most people. Same as the basic service plan but lets you upload even more file types and provides you with more storage space.


This service plan is also for most people, especially ones that need more storage space! This plan as well as the normal plan lets you rename files on the server and lets you download all your files into a .zip file for download!


These services being provided by Dominion Studios Ltd. is still under development and should expect some issues and bugs, but we encourage you to try it out!

We hope that you can try it out to help us work out any error that may arise! While we are doing this process you are eligible for a free upgrade! If you registered with a FREE Service Plan your account will be upgraded to a NORMAL Service Plan at a later date!

Now that you know about our new feature, please go check it out 


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